Meet the crew

Jack Tappin - HaverSports Director and Race DirectorJack started HaverSports with HaverHalf and Haver10 in 2014. He sets up events, choosing routes and ensuring they're licensed, and works to publicise them. On race day he is in charge of ensuring the overall smooth running of each event.

Jason André - Operations Director and Chief Timekeeper

Jason works to help plan and execute our events, including publicising them and corresponding with athletes. Obn race day he manages our chip timing system, ensuring that everyone receives an accurate time on race day, including live results.

Karl Player - Course Director

Karl ensures that the course route is well signposted and that all of the signs are removed after each race.

Chief Marshals

The chief marshal is responsible for marshals on race day, ensuring they are in the right position and fully briefed about their duties. If you would like to be a marshal then please get in touch.