Our partners

Abbeycroft Leisure
Abbeycroft Leisure is a non-profit organisation delivering leisure facilities throughout Suffolk. This includes Haverhill Leisure Centre, Bury St Edmunds Leisure Centre, Mildenhall Swimming Pool and Skyliner Leisure Centre. In addition to providing facilities, Abbeycroft also sponsors our Mildenhall Triathlon Festival. You can read more about them by clicking here.

Unique Bars
Unique Bars offers a number of bars and clubs in Bury St Edmunds and beyond. These include So Bar and Caffé, Karooze, The Gym, Flex Nightclub, and more. Unique Bars are the flagship sponsor of our inaugural St Eds' Running Festival in 2017.

Adams Harrison
Adams Harrison solicitors provide high quality legal services for businesses and individuals throughout Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Essex and beyond, with offices in Haverhill, Sawston and Saffron Walden. Adams Harrison are the flagship sponsors of HaverTri since 2015. You can find out more about them by clicking here.

JMP Furniture Solutions Ltd
JMP Furniture Solutions Ltd is a Suffolk-based furniture design and manufacturer, supplying and installing quality furniture to homes and businesses. The company is the sponsor of HaverHalf 2015, being held on Sunday 25 October at Haverhill Leisure Centre. To find out more about JMP Furniture Solutions Ltd, click here.

Haverhill Town Council
Haverhill Town Council strives to put on events in Haverhill and promote the town. The council helped to fund HaverHalf, Haver10 and HaverTri, with all of the events raising money for local charities, promoting health and wellbeing for local people and bringing hundreds of people to Haverhill. Then Haverhill mayor Roger André was present at all 3 events in 2014, presenting trophies to winners and congratulating finishers. You can read more about the council by clicking here.

Suffolk County Council
Suffolk County Councillors Anne Gower, Julian Flood and Tony Brown showed that HaverSports' events unite across political lines as all shared the vision for promoting athletics in Haverhill. Each councillor provided money from their locality funds to help realise HaverHalf, Haver10 and HaverTri. You can read more about the council by clicking here.

Global integrated healthcare leader Sanofi (which took over Genzyme in Haverhill) helped to fund the inaugural HaverHalf and Haver10 and are the flagship sponsors of Haver10 2015. You can read more about them by clicking here.

ONE Haverhill
ONE Haverhill is an independent collection of authorities and businesses that seeks to pool resources to provide ONE voice for Haverhill. The umbrella group helped to fund HaverHalf and Haver10. You can read more about them by clicking here.

Stylize Display Graphics
Stylize is Haverhill's leading large print and design company. They have provided the signage for Haver10, HaverHalf and HaverTri to ensure our athletes safely and smoothly navigate their way around. The team at Stylize has also worked to design marketing materials for HaverSports' events and refine the winning logos to use for them. You can read more about them by clicking here.

Vertas (formerly Eastern Facilities Management Solutions)
Eastern Facilities Management Solutions have provided discounted printing of marketing materials for HaverTri. You can read more about them by clicking here.

Castle Manor Academy
Students from this Haverhill high school have proved fundamental in helping to execute HaverSports events. Young sports leaders assisted and ensured the successful execution of HaverTri and Haver5. the school will also be the start and finish area for HaverHalf 2015. Castle Manor students competed to design the HaverHalf and Haver10 logo, with the winning logo refined by Stylize. You can read more about the school by clicking here.

Matthew Hancock MP
Skills minister Matthew Hancock was first elected as West Suffolk MP in 2010, and has since strived to maintain his fitness. Mr Hancock competed in his first half marathon at HaverHalf, raising a staggering amount in fund raising.  A few months later he completed his first triathlon when he competed in HaverTri. Mr Hancock has also been fundamental in publicising HaverSports' events as he seeks to promote Haverhill. You can read more about Mr Hancock by clicking here.

OS Communications
OS Communications provides radios so that HaverSports' marshals are able to execute events smoothly and react quickly to whatever situations arise.

Aerocycles Haverhill
Aerocycles are Haverhill's leading cycle store, run by enthusiastic cyclists selling a range of equipment. The team provided a leading cyclist for Haver10 and HaverHalf, and were keen to be involved with HaverTri, thus providing a last cyclist and a cycle support vehicle. You can read more about them by clicking here.

KP Landscaping
KP Landscaping is Haverhill's leading landscaping business specialising in providing the perfect garden or outdoor feature for you. KP Lanscaping has assisted with HaverSports event in essential transport and putting up and removing signage. You can read more about them by clicking here.

Haverhill Research Park
Haverhill Research Park is a new addition to the Greater Cambridge technology cluster, bringing a prestigious new development to Haverhill. The research park was the flagship sponsor of HaverTri 2014. You can read more about them by clicking here.

Digital Print Shop
Digital Print Shop provided free printing for the marketing materials for HaverHalf and Haver10.

GreenAir Cars
GreenAir Cars is an environmentally friendly private hire car service which provides transport journeys going to and from Cambridge. The company provided a support car and water for Haver10 and HaverHalf 2014. You can read more about them by clicking here.

Haverhill Running Club
Haverhill Running Club has several hundred members who regularly compete for the town. Many of these members have served as marshals to ensure the successful execution of HaverSports' events. HRC will join with HaverSports' to offer bespoke packages in 2015 so that athletes can advance from Haver10 to either HaverHalf or Thurlow 10 (10 mile multi-terrain race) with the help of HRC membership and coaching. You can read more about the club by clicking here.

Ignite Radio
Ignite Radio is a leading online radio station that plays all the latest music and has a variety of shows. Dan Bell and the team broadcast live from HaverTri, providing an excellent finish-line atmosphere. You can read more about them and tune in by clicking here.

Real Bodies Health and Fitness
Real Bodies Health and Fitness is a local gym. Real Bodies had pledged to be the sponsors of HaverHalf 2015, but subsequently reneged on that pledge without explanation. You can read more about them by clicking here.

Tesco Haverhill
Tesco Haverhill is generous in supporting local charities and has a dedicated Community Champion. Haverhill's leading supermarket has provided the nutrition for entrants to Haver10, HaverHalf and HaverTri. You can read more about them by clicking here.

Perform Sports Therapy
Perform Sports Therapy provides a wide range of physiotherapy and sports injury treatment in Haverhill. Katie Ditchman has provided post-race massages at Haver10 and HaverHalf and will continue to at HaverSports' events going forward. You can read more about the business by clicking here.