Course Records

Fancy being a record holder? Check out our course records below and see if you can beat them!

All our races are chip timed for accurate results, with course records held for the existing course used.

The course records shown in the tables below are done in the format name (year) - hours:minutes:seconds.

HaverHalf and Haver10 were held for the first time in 2014 - both were held with revised courses in 2015, and while the HaverHalf course remained the same the Haver10 course changed again for 2016. HaverMara was held for the first time in 2016. HaverHalf and HaverMara are both measured and certified, with Haver10 being GPS measured due to part of the course being off road. All the races are licensed by UK Athletics. Due to course changes, the course records for Haver10 are recorded from 2016, and HaverHalf from 2015.

  Male Female
 Haver10Kieran Hayles (2019) - 00:35:47  Marianne Naylor (2017) - 00:41:37
HaverHalf  Sean McKenna (2019) - 1:17:13Nicki Davis (2019) - 1:28:32
 HaverMaraSteve Falgate (2019) - 3:02:46Sharon Frost (2018) - 3:38:22

St Eds Runs - the Unique Bars Running Festival was held for the first time on Sunday 29 October 2017, raising funds for West Suffolk Hospital's My WiSH charity and Bury Town pastors. The festival offered 10k, half marathon and marathon routes (in addition to the fun run), with 912 runners taking part. Due to the error in misdirecting the 10k runners resulting in their course coming up short, the female course record for the 10k will be set from 2018 onward (the male winner ran the correct course in 2017). The full results are available by clicking here. The race returned on Sunday 28 October 2018 - you can see the full results by clicking here.

 10k Christopher Poulding (2018) - 00:36:43 Tamara Jordan (2018) - 00:41:10
Half Marathon Sean McKenna (2018) - 01:17:44Katherine Hymers (2018) - 01:29:01
 The Abbeycroft Leisure MarathonAdam Howlett (2018) - 02:48:46Puri Meseguer Bernal (2018) - 03:38:47

RecoverRace was held for the first time on Sunday 30 July 2017, raising funds for rehabilitation charity Focus 12. The festival offered a challenging 12k and half marathon routes, from the picturesque Highwaymans B&B out through Risby, exploring north Suffolk through Fornham All Saints and then returning. Some 286 athletes competed in the first edition of the running festival. You can see the full results from 2017 by clicking here.

 Focus 12k Kyle Norris (2017) - 00:48:00 Nicky Chapman (2017) - 00:58:02
 Focus 1/2 marathon Tony Bacon (2017) - 1:20:28 Odette Robinson (2017) - 1.23.51

St Ed's Tri - the Abbeycroft Leisure Triathlon Festival was held for the first time on Sunday 19 June 2016. The race consisted of a 600 (Sprint+) or 300 (Sprint) metre swim at Bury St Edmunds Leisure Centre, before heading out on a 38 or 20-kilometre cycle through the Saxhams, Hargrave and Westley, and finally laps of a 2.5 kilometre run passing West Suffolk College and the King Edward School playing fields, before finishing with a lap of the athletics track.

  Male Female
 Triathlon SprintKeith Marra (2019) - 1:06:07Samantha Godden (2016)  - 1:14:09
 Triathlon Sprint+Paul Ruffy  (2019) - 2:08:54Nicole Beck (2018) - 2:35:37
 Duathlon SprintPeter Kerry (2019) - 1:08:19Justine Anthony (2016) - 1:20:46
 Duathlon Sprint+Karl Hiner (2016) - 2:19:38Henrietta Ward(2019) - 3:34:51

Mildenhall Tri - the Abbeycroft Leisure Triathlon Festival was held for the first time on Sunday 28 August 2016. The race consisted of a 600 (Sprint+) or 300 (Sprint) metre swim in the town’s swimming pool, before heading out on a 38 or 20-kilometre cycle through Lakenheath and West Row, and finally a 10 or 5 kilometre run through Mildenhall town centre, through Barton Mills and back along the River Lark before finishing on the Jubilee Field.

  Male Female
 Triathlon Sprint Tom Cook (2016) - 00:58:26Angela Joiner-Handy (2017) - 1:07:49 
 Triathlon Sprint+ Paul Ruffy (2018) - 1:49:36Stephanie Lundeby (2018) - 2:04:215
 Duathlon Sprint Alex Metcalfe (2017) - 1:11:58 Emilie Wix (2017) - 1:23:06
 Duathlon Sprint+ Kyle Armstrong (2017) - 2:10:45Katie Harbon (2016) - 2:20:31 

The run route for HaverTri - the Adams Harrison Triathlon was updated for 2016, hence the course records are recorded from then.
The race now consists of a 600 (Sprint+) or 300 (Sprint) metre swim at Haverhill Leisure Centre, before heading out for a 42 or 22 kilometre cycle through the picturesque villages of northern Essex including Steeple Bumpstead, Stambourne, Ridgewell, New England and Sturmer, before returning to Haverhill under the historic viaduct. The run is then a 10 or 6 kilometre run along the town's former railway line, heading out to Sturmer before returning.

  Male Female
 Triathlon SprintBen Redman (2016) - 1:06:18 Nicki Davis (2016) - 1:20:27 
 Triathlon Sprint+Tony Heather (2017) - 2:00:29Juiliet Vickery (2016) - 2:15:39
 Duathlon SprintMark Hayward (2016) - 1:32:31Louise White (2016) - 1:43:40
 Duathlon Sprint+Seth Kennard (2016) - 2:26:56Geraldine Clarke (2016) - 2:52:44